What you need to know about gift cards, gift vouchers, and gift certificates in Canada

The federal government is offering an additional $1.2 billion to help pay for the transition to digital and wireless payments in Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the $1 billion investment in a speech at the end of June.

He said digital payments are now the “biggest innovation” for Canadians.

He added that the government is also investing $1bn to improve the security of gift cards.

But the funding comes with a catch: It will only apply to the provinces and territories, and not to territories that are not part of the digital payment network.

For example, the government will only be able to provide a $500 gift card to a province that has not adopted digital payments.

The new funding is the third $1-billion investment announced by Trudeau in a bid to transition to a digital economy and improve security and privacy.

The Liberals have promised to spend the money on upgrading the government’s financial infrastructure.

In May, Trudeau unveiled the Government of Canada Digital Transformation Strategy, which outlines the steps that will be taken to modernize the government and improve privacy protections.

The strategy is meant to improve public services, improve the competitiveness of Canada’s businesses and create jobs in the digital economy.

It also promises to help Canadians avoid fraud and prevent government data breaches.

The plan includes a number of new policies, including a new online banking system for government customers.

It is also looking to bring forward legislation that will require government departments to ensure their data is not shared with third parties without their consent.

In addition, the strategy is promising to work with private companies to develop a digital certificate system.

That is, instead of creating a digital version of a government document, they would create a digital document with a different digital signature.

That way, when a customer opens a document with them, they don’t have to download the digital version to open it, and they don.

The digital certificates are supposed to be issued through the Canadian Passport Authority, which is a subsidiary of the Canadian Government Publishing Office.

They are supposed for a fee of $150 to $500 per certificate.

The certificates will be issued online and will be signed by the Canadian government and a third party.

The government is expected to issue digital certificates for all Canadian businesses, including those that are incorporated or under the control of governments, but will not be able do so for businesses that are in the private sector.

“These new digital certificates will create a new digital identity for the Canadian economy that will help Canadians better protect their financial information, reduce their privacy risks and protect their privacy,” said a statement from the minister responsible for the digital transformation strategy, Diane Finley.

The Trudeau government has also promised to make it easier for individuals to apply for digital certificates, so they can be issued in real time, without requiring an online process.

In a recent statement, Finley said the government has created an online tool to help individuals apply for certificates.

But she added that this tool is not the same as the existing application process, and that it does not allow for the same level of flexibility for individuals.

“There are still a number, however, that we’re still working through the details,” said Finley, who was not available to comment on the new strategy.

“We’re going to continue to work on it, but the idea is that it will be a seamless application process.”

With files from The Canadian Press.

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