The Most Original Gifts That Have Ever Happened

In 2017, there were about 50 million gift cards issued.

That’s roughly a 10 percent increase from the year before.

There were also about 40 million gift certificates issued, and about 17 million of those were prepaid gift cards.

And there were roughly 11 million gift pins, which are the same kind of cards you use to pay for a gift.

The gift-card market in 2017 was also up about 10 percent from 2016, according to research firm The Gift Card Company.

However, the company noted that the average annual value of the $10 billion in gift cards and gift certificates in 2017 came in at just under $2,000.

So the number of gift cards, gift certificates, and pins is higher this year, but not by much.

In the United States, the average yearly value of a gift card is around $1,500.

But the average gift-purchase price for a card is about $500, and the average purchase price for an ATM pin is about half that.

The average annual price of a $10 gift card in 2017 is $2.35, according the study.

The average annual purchase price is about the same.

So when we look at a 10% increase in the number and value of gift-cards, gift-certificates, and pin purchases, the market is up a bit more.

That means that the value of these products is up and that we’re seeing a boost in sales.

This is the second year in a row that the number has been rising, according and the first since 2014.

But that wasn’t always the case.

In fact, the number had been declining for years.

In 2016, there was a slight increase, but the number fell again in 2017.

In 2017, the industry grew 4 percent, according The Gift Cards Company, which is good news for consumers.

That was partly because of the increase in gift-gifting options.

In addition to gift-giving, retailers are opening more gift shops, offering gift cards for gift-takers, and adding gift-related items like coupons and gift tags to their stores.

But while retailers are increasing the number, consumers are also shopping less.

According to The Gift Company, there’s also a slowdown in the amount of purchases made at home.

In the United Kingdom, for example, average spending per person rose by 4.2 percent in the past year.

This is because people are choosing to spend less at home and spend more at the grocery store.

In Europe, the same trend was noted, but overall, spending was down in 2017 by 2.7 percent.

And in the United Arab Emirates, the country with the highest per capita spending, it was 3.4 percent.

In general, shoppers are more likely to shop when they have cash in hand, so they’re more likely than ever to buy something in a store.

That also makes sense, since cash is the main source of payment in most stores.

In addition to the increase of gift certificates and gift pins this year and the slowdown in purchases, there are a few new challenges to facing shoppers this holiday season.

First, many retailers have increased the price of their gift cards in response to the higher cost of goods and services.

For example, many gift cards now come with a $5 discount.

This doesn’t make sense for consumers who want to shop in the grocery-store environment.

If they wanted to save $5, they’d pay $20 for a $25 card and then take the card out of the store for a free $5 gift card.

This also doesn’t help them when they shop online, where a $15 gift card has a higher value than a $20 one.

Second, the new holiday season brings new challenges.

It’s hard to shop with gift cards as the holidays are coming up, but there are some stores that are already offering gift-matching programs.

These programs are designed to help consumers shop for gift cards that match with products and services they’re interested in.

For example, Walmart has a program that lets shoppers match items with their credit cards to the items they’re buying.

This may seem like a great solution, but it doesn’t work for shoppers who don’t have a credit card.

Some stores offer gift-matches that can match gift cards with items, or even items that aren’t part of a retailer’s collection.

The Walmart program also doesn, however, not always work, according To The Source, a consumer advocacy group.

In this case, Walmart’s gift-matched items program is a bit limited, but we found that it could work well if you were looking for something like a new dress or a new necklace.

The other big challenge for consumers is figuring out what to buy.

While the price hikes in 2017 were great news for retailers, they also brought some challenges for consumers this holiday.

For one, retailers were facing increased competition.

For the first time in years, the retailers that have been doing well have been offering

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