Vouchers will be sold in stores as Christmas gift traditions spread to malls

An annual tradition for a handful of Southern California malls, where people buy and sell gifts for themselves and friends, has been spreading to the rest of the country.

The annual tradition began when a friend of the mall’s owner, Denny and Sue Rader, started the store’s first Christmas party, held on Dec. 24.

They now sell more than 5,000 vouchers each year, and the vouchers are sold in store, on gift bags and on the Internet.

The gift bag is the main item, and they sell about 100 of each every year, according to Denny Rader.

He said he and Sue have been able to keep their tradition alive because of their loyal customer base, including customers of the store.

In 2017, they opened a second store in Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles, and sold the vouchers at the mall.

Rader said they started selling vouchers in 2009.

“It’s just a way to get together with friends and have a party.

We want to share a little bit of Christmas with people,” he said.

Denny’s daughter, Sue Rade, said the store is not just about shopping, but celebrating Christmas with friends, and is trying to spread the gift tradition across the country, from her family’s home in the Southern California foothills to other places.

“I’ve always wanted to be a part of it,” she said.

“The more I know about Christmas, the more I love it.”

The Rader family started the first store, Dental Gifts, in the mid-1960s.

In the early 1990s, the family sold its first store and sold more than 10,000 of its original vouchers.

The family moved to the Santa Monica Mall in 2005, where the Rade family still has the original store.

“We just decided to make it a place where we could do it,” Sue Ride said.

Now, they sell vouchers on the mall gift bag, and online, where they sell their voucher cards.

Sue Rode said she loves the idea of her store and her daughter’s shop, but the store doesn’t have a store on the shelf that sells the vouchers.

“But I love the idea, I love having these people come into my store and buy and share a bit of their family’s Christmas spirit with their friends,” she added.

“They’re so happy to have their friends around, and I love that.

They’re getting a little of their Christmas spirit back.”

Sue Rude said the couple wants to see more people coming into their store for their holiday shopping, especially in the South.

“When you’re going to buy and buy, you want to be sure you’re getting what you want,” she explained.

The Rade brothers say their gift shop is one of a few in the world that still offers vouchers as a way for people to share the holiday with their loved ones.

“This is not like the big chain stores, where you can only buy one thing at a time,” Sue said.

They are offering vouchers as gifts to their friends and customers, and for gifts for other people.

They also sell Christmas gifts at other stores, and sell vouchers online.

“Vouchers are something that is a way of giving back,” Sue added.

They offer discounts on gift cards and coupons, and also have coupons to help pay for Christmas shopping.

“Christmas is always a great time to shop and enjoy a holiday,” Sue explained.

“A little bit for your wallet and a little for your heart, that’s how it goes.”

A mall gift shop and online gift bag sales Copyright by KXAN – All rights reserved Voucher bags, January 2018 (Courtesy of Denny & Sue Raders) A mall store in Southern California, with Christmas decorations and gifts, has expanded to give vouchers to shoppers.

The Santa Monica mall has sold more voucher cards than any other mall, and in 2017, the Rader brothers launched the first shop, Dontcha Rade.

“Our Christmas gift bags are the perfect gift for those that are looking for a fun way to have a good time and celebrate Christmas,” Denny said.

In 2018, the store has sold almost 3,000 voucher cards, and Sue has been selling her vouchers for about 20 years.

Sue’s daughter Sue Rider said the shopping experience has been fun, but she thinks people have a lot of misconceptions about the tradition.

“If you ask people why they’re doing this, it’s to have fun, to enjoy Christmas, to give back,” she continued.

“You have to give something back, and it’s Christmas.”

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